As creative strategists our blood flows where it needs to go.

Talk the talk and walk the walk.

By operating on the intersection of design thinking and entrepreneurship, you can say we are passionate about designing, crafting and executing bespoke business concepts. From founding advertising, interactive and (digital) strategy agencies to creating lifestyle companies, restaurants and food labels. We have done it all, armed with nothing more than our imagination, intellect and colorful network. Things we lovingly share with our partners as well as aspiring business adventurists.

We want to have skin the game.

So if you have a business idea that needs grinding or are in need for some refreshing ideas; we are here for you. As professionals. As entrepreneurs. Ready to participate, invest and leverage our network for the better. Designing business for purpose and impact. We don’t just stay on the sideline, we like to have some skin in the game. That’s the way we do it. And did it before.

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We are Honest.

The ’connected triumvirate’. A creative strategy boutique.

We guide organisations and their leaders in discovering their purpose. We help them finding their position and how to navigate in this ever changing world. We support them in shaping impactful value propositions and meaningful brand communication.

Organisations are key

Because although the possibilities of living in this exponential era seem endless and amazing, humanity is also facing unprecedented global issues. Climate change, the rise of terrorism, the refugee phenomenon, the growing disparity between the rich and the poor.. just to name a few. And we believe that organisations play a vital role in bringing about a better future.

Complexity needs no answer

We realise that this is a big thing. And that some challenges are inherently so complex, that it’s hard to come up with the ultimate answer. So maybe it’s better to start with the right question. Now, what would that question be?

The right question

'what would the world look like if everybody dared to be honest? Honestly..' This is our one golden rule: being honest! With you. Ourselves. With everyone.

We provide our clients with Honest advice and strategy, so that they in turn are able to practice truly honest and earnest marketing communications. And to be honest: this is for both us and our clients often more easily said than done.

Want to know more?

Come in for a Honest cup of coffee, book a Honest lunch or schedule that Honest canal trip.


In collaboration with our clients we dive deep, very deep. Hence mutual trust is vital. And so we rather speak of partners than of clients. Together we work towards the very essence of their being.

This then serves as the true north on our compass in creating bespoke solutions. From brand rejuvenation, to complete digital or marcom overhaul. From strategy to production. We are in it for the long haul. Our standpoint in working together is not that we have all the answers, but that our partners have all the wisdom.

We bring in years of experience when it comes to branding & strategy, a highly creative and time-tested approach and a fresh perspective to uncover and translate their wisdom in awesome concepts, strategies, value propositions and what not. Together we work towards a better future.

Want to know more? Come in for a Honest cup of coffee, book a Honest lunch or schedule that Honest canal trip.


We honestly work together with you and with the best creative pro’s in town.

We are in it for the long haul

We no longer work with a set creatives on our payroll, we carefully and honestly curate a set of unique creatives. We bring in the freaks and geeks, subject matter experts and maestro’s who have the skillset right for the job.

Modus operandi

And so we are able to deliver unique creative professionals who can come in as a one day fly or if needed they can become part of your team. Creativity as a Service. For a fixed fee, performance based, or an hourly rate.

Want to know more? Come in for a Honest cup of coffee, book a Honest lunch or schedule that Honest canal trip.

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